Disc pain

Common Herniated Disc Symptoms

Common Herniated Disc Symptoms You might not remember what event triggered herniated disc pain, but symptoms generally appear quickly. The pain will range from mild lower back pain to severe discomfort or total numbness in cases of extensive nerve damage. In your best interests, any sign of a herniated disc requires immediate medical attention. The…

auto accident

Avoid an Auto Accident

There are some things that you can do to avoid an auto accident. With more than a million casualties by auto accidents worldwide, and millions more resulting in injuries, it’s safe to say that getting into an accident falls into the “death and taxes” category of certainties in life. On average, there are more than…

chiropractic care

Avoid Surgery with Chiropractic Care

Can you avoid surgery with chiropractic care? There are certain conditions and injuries for which surgery is unavoidable. Back, neck, and spine injuries are particularly susceptible to complications during and after invasive procedures. Sometimes surgery worsens pain, meaning there’s more surgery in your future. Depending upon the type of injury and severity of your back…