Why Choose Us

At Utah Accident Clinic, you will never be denied your personalized treatment plan until you are healed. This is our commitment to all of our patients. We are not a health clinic that is trying to sell you something. We will work with your auto insurance to cover your medical expenses.  Our clinic only specializes in accident injuries. We hope you can appreciate these things that make us different.

Accidents can cause severe trauma to the human frame including sprain, strains, subluxations, and soft tissue injuries to the spine and neck. The best decision you can make is to get your spine checked for spinal misalignments after an accident..

The Staff at Utah Accident Clinic are dedicated to providing a high quality, total health care solution at our convenient locations in Ogden, Provo, and Taylorsville. We have the experience and knowledge in handling federal and state worker’s compensation injuries. We work with all insurance companies Auto accidents and personal injuries are our specialties.

Utah Accident Clinic is designed for the purpose of treating patients involved in an accident.; As a result, we have become skilled at knowing what to do for you and the uniqueness of your particular case. We develop a very comprehensive program that addresses getting rid of your pain, aligning your spine, strengthening all muscles injured, and then building those very muscles through rehabilitation. From this approach, we can actively progress you back into your normal lifestyle.