chiropractic clinicSpecialized Accident Chiropractor Services in Pleasant Grove, Utah

Utah Accident Clinic’s team of professional chiropractors in Pleasant Grove, Utah are here to serve you. Whether you are experiencing pain from an auto accident or a work-related injury, our specialized chiropractic treatments will get you back on the road to recovery. We have a multi-treatment program that aids in preventing acute inflammation from spreading and reduces pain from the injury. We understand that no injury and/or pain level is the same, which is why we will always create a specialized treatment plan for each and every client.

Our Target Chiropractic Treatments

Our high-quality treatments are unique for each client’s case. We have been trained in developing a comprehensive program that has proven results. After your first few sessions, you will begin to see the results that will get you back to a normal lifestyle. Our most common treatments in the Pleasant Grove, Utah area are Spinal Manipulation, Healing Massage Therapy, and Soft Tissue Healing.

  • Spinal Manipulation:

    If you have back, neck, or shoulder pain, this therapy will help in relieving pain, fixing alignment issues, and improving flexibility. This manipulative technique has been around since 400 BC.

  • Healing Massage Therapy:

    This therapy can help to relieve any pain in injured areas and helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Clients who have received this treatment also see an improvement with their flexibility.

  • Soft Tissue Healing:

    Patients who suffer from an auto accident come in for soft tissue healing treatments. The aches and pains a client may be experiencing could be caused by muscle groups shutting down after a traumatic experience.

Why Choose Utah Accident Clinic

We want the community of Pleasant Grove, Utah to know that we are here to get anyone with injuries back on their feet. We will never deny anyone of service and will properly assess any of your injuries. Our chiropractors will do their best to strengthen muscles, address pain management and align spines. We specialize in auto accident injuries and want you to know that we are the team you can trust. When you suffer from aches and pains from an auto accident, we can treat your injuries and help prevent reinjures.