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Get back on the road to recovery at Utah Accident Clinic today. Our chiropractor clinic near Orem, Utah will provide you with the premier care you deserve. We specialize in personal and auto accident injuries. Our multi-treatment programs help to alleviate pain and restore you to good health. Chiropractic treatment is a natural treatment that addresses short and long-term pain. Throughout your treatment, your comfort and success is our priority. Our chiropractic consultations provide a treatment plan so you know the length of recovery for your injury.

Auto Accident Injuries & Chiropractic Treatments

We understand that every injury is different, which is why we create a unique treatment plan for each of our patient’s. Many of the injuries we treat stemming from auto-related accidents are back and neck pain. These two areas are vital in supporting our entire body, and with an injury like this, it could disrupt your entire lifestyle. We have found that surgery and medication can address any short-term pain you may be having, but leave you with long-term implications.

Our chiropractic treatment plans are natural and will reduce short-term and long-term pain. Some of the primary treatment plans that we use at our office near Orem, Utah is muscle stretch therapy, soft tissue healing, and spinal manipulation. All of these techniques are specialized to help you to improve flexibility, improve mobility and increase strength. It is recommended that you visit a medical professional within 72 hours of an accident, or immediately following. Not only will you document the claim for your insurance claim, but quick treatment will help prevent re-injury.

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A Chiropractor Clinic You Can Trust

We are the best chiropractor team in Orem, Utah and do our best to give you quality care the moment you step in the door. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive program to get you back to your daily lifestyle. From auto accident injuries to work-related injuries, our team has a vast amount of experience to treat any problems that arise. We will work with you to make sure you are comfortable throughout the treatment program and are seeing progress with each visit. Schedule your free consultation and visit our chiropractic clinic near Orem, Utah today!

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