Healing massage therapy

What Is Healing Massage Therapy?

Getting on a healthy road to recovery following your involvement in an auto accident is of utmost importance to avoid re-injury and a longer recovery process. Healing Massage Therapy is one of the oldest and main ways to regain movement, strengthen your muscles and feel confident again. Our chiropractic team specializes in Healing Massage Therapy and will do our best to get you back to your normal daily activities without pain.

Healing Massage Therapy consists of reducing muscular tension and enhancing tissue healing. Our massage therapists have worked with many patients who have been in auto accidents and underwent healing massage therapy. We specialize in creating massage treatments for each individual and their needs. We promise to do our best to give you a comfortable and a high-quality chiropractic treatment experience.

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What Injuries Does Healing Massage Therapy Help With?

  • Sprain: A common injury that is a stretched or torn ligament
  • Contusion: Also referred to as a bruise, in which tissue is injured but the skin is not broken
  • Strain: A severe or excessive pull or stretch resulting in a damaging degree

What Does the Process of Receiving Healing Massage Therapy Treatment Look Like?

Treatment can be received at our Ogden, Taylorsville, and Provo locations. Our Healing Massage Therapy Treatment Program begins with a diagnostic evaluation. We will look at the injured areas and decide if massage therapy is the best treatment for you. If it fits, we will go over your specialized treatment program and your expected recovery times. We care about our patients’ needs and want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible throughout the healing massage process. 

Aside from treating your injured areas from the auto accident, Healing Massage Therapy may also help with the stress and anxiety you might be feeling following your traumatic experience. Our massage techniques are proven to be effective and will improve your damaged muscles, ligaments, and/or joint capsules. We know how scary an auto accident can be and we want to give you a stress-free experience here at our chiropractic and healing massage offices.

What are the Benefits of Healing Massage Therapy?

Our Healing Massage Therapy treatment program is a high-quality experience. Our massage therapists care about your recovery and overall health. The Healing Massage Therapy is a low impact treatment program with numerous benefits. After an auto accident, you may be suffering from soft tissue injuries and/or more severe pain. This treatment plan will help with the circulation of blood, reduce muscular tension and anxiety.

You will reap many benefits with Healing Massage Therapy. Our trained massage professionals have worked with numerous patients dealing with auto accident injuries. A specialized treatment program designed to fit your specific needs is the perfect way to get on the road to recovery. If you want to begin feeling better, call us today!