chiropractor provo utahChiropractor Adjustments in Provo, Utah

Utah Accident Clinic provides high-quality chiropractor care in Provo, Utah. We have a talented team of chiropractors who are the best in the field and have the experience to develop a comprehensive program to get you back into your normal lifestyle. Our staff will work with you in handling federal and state worker’s compensation injuries, and we also accept all insurance companies to work on auto accident injuries and/or personal injuries. We are the team you can trust to provide you with the care for each and every unique case.

Primary Chiropractor Treatment Areas

While we can treat any injury you may be experiencing, our primary treatment areas include personal injuries or those from auto accidents, neck pain, and back pain. Our Provo, Utah staff uses different techniques, depending on the injury. Here are some of the main treatments that we use for auto accident and personal injuries:

  • Spinal Manipulation

    Performed on the joints in the spine to fix any alignment issues, improve mobility, and relieve pain. This technique has been used since 400 BC and chiropractors will apply a controlled amount of forces to the joints of the spine.

  • Muscle Stretch Therapy

    Specialized techniques that are specific to damaged muscles and/or feelings of “tightness” will prevent you from re-injury and have you feeling stronger than before.

  • Massage Therapy

    Our low impact treatment program that targets soft tissue injuries and/or more severe pain. Massage therapy will help with the circulation of blood, reduce muscular tension, and relieve some stress.

Additional Chiropractor Adjustments:

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If you have been in a work or personal related injury and are seeking natural treatment, contact Utah Accident Clinic for premiere care. Not only will you regain your strength, but your pain levels will reduce. We want our customers to feel as comfortable as possible and have the quality care that they deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation and get back on track to living a pain-free life! Visit our chiropractic clinic in Provo, Utah.

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