Dr. Jared Davis graduated with his doctorate of Chiropractic medicine from Logan University in St. Louis Missouri. He has a great love for people and for helping those who are in pain and loves both the Science and Art of Chiropractic medicine. Dr. Davis has been working in the healthcare field for over 20 years. In earlier years Dr. Davis helped people who were injured and in pain, through pre-and post-surgery therapeutic massage, and through the last 10+ years with Chiropractic. There are collectively over 20 chiropractors in Dr. Davis’ family, and he has studied many techniques both while in school and through postgraduate education. With that, he has drawn a lot of knowledge, and experience to be able to help people in the most effective way to relieve their pain and get them back to life.

Dr. Davis loves to do just about anything outdoors, loves water, travel, and being with friends and family, and most of all he loves to be with his beautiful wife and four amazing children.